Battery Grade Lithium carbonate

Battery Grade Lithium carbonate

Product Details

Battery-grade lithium carbonate (Battery Grade Lithium carbonate)

Implementation criteria: YS/T 582-2013

Packaging: With lining two layers of plastic film bags, coats plastic woven bags packaging or plastic coated bags packaging. Net weight per bag 25kg

Usage: Widely used in lithium-ion battery cathode material industry, is also the nuclear industry, high-grade al-li alloy special glass and other basic raw materials.


Lithium carbonate is a compound raw material, is widely used in medicine, metallurgy and ceramics and other industries, salt lithium related products are the most widely used products.Battery Grade Lithium carbonateIn the Power technology technology, organic synthesis, storage food, glass additives in the use of a very wide range, and very important. With the development of the Times and science and technology, the demand for lithium carbonate is constantly improving.