Industrial Grade Lithium Carbonate

Industrial Grade Lithium Carbonate

Product Details

Industrial grade Lithium Carbonate (industry Grade Lithium Carbonate)

Implementation criteria: GB/T11075-2013

Packaging: With lining two layers of plastic film bags, coats plastic woven bags packaging or plastic coated bags packaging. 25kg per bag net weight.

Usage: Used in the production and processing of high quality lithium carbonate, can be converted into lithium chloride, lithium bromide, single water lithium hydroxide and other series of lithium compounds. Widely used in lithium electrolysis, steel continuous casting protection slag, special glass, ceramics, glaze, enamel and other industries.


Kai-ShidaIndustrial Application The process of purifying primary lithium carbonate by hydrogen hydroxide decomposition has a great advantage over other purification processes, and its specific process is relatively simple, the concentration of extraction is relatively high, and the effect of removing impurities is also very good. By using this method of purification, lithium carbonate with a purity of up to 99% can be obtained, and after the purity is extracted, brine can also be recycled again.