Battery Grade manganese sulfate

Battery Grade manganese sulfate

Product Details

Battery levelManganese sulfate(Battery Grade Manganese Sulfate)

Implementation criteria: HG/T4823-2015

Packaging: Lined with polyethylene plastic bags, coat plastic woven bags, 25kg/bags

Usage: can be used for the preparation of cathode materials for lithium batteries. Inorganic industry is used in the production of electrolytic manganese and the preparation of various manganese salts. The coatings industry is used to produce drying agent. Agriculture is an important trace element fertilizer, but also a catalyst for plant synthesis of chlorophyll.


Manganese sulfate is a light red fine crystal, easy to dissolve in water, insoluble in ethanol.Manganese sulfateIt is widely used in industry to make electrolytic fierce, paint drying agent, ink catalyst, synthetic fatty acid catalyst, ceramic coloring agent, fabric printing and dyeing agent, Ore flotation agent and raw materials for the production of manganese salt. It is used as fertilizer, feed additive and so on in agriculture.