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What are the uses of manganese sulfate?
- 2018-12-18-

Manganese sulfate(Chemical MnSO4, type 151.00), one hydrate is a reddish oblique crystal, the relative density of 3.50, melting point of 700 ℃, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. It exists in the form of a variety of hydrates.

Manganese sulfateAt 850 ℃, the beginning of synthesis, due to different heating levels, can release SO3,SO2 or oxygen, the remaining things have manganese dioxide or manganese trioxide. When the crystalline hydrate of manganese sulfate is heated to 280 ℃, it can lose its crystalline water and become anhydrous.

Manganese sulfate is a trace element of the crop demand for synthetic fatty acids, so manganese sulfate can be applied as fertilizer into the soil and can increase production. Manganese sulfate is added to animal feed and has the effect of fatten. Manganese sulfate is also a raw material and analytical reagent for the preparation of other manganese salts. Manganese sulfate is also used in industrial consumption such as electrolytic manganese, dyes, paper and ceramics.

Inorganic industry is used for electrolytic manganese consumption and preparation of various manganese salts. Coating industry is used for the consumption of drying agent and flax oil manganese acid, metal products phosphating agent. Agriculture is an important trace of the cable fertilizer, but also a catalyst for the synthesis of chlorophyll in plants. The application of an appropriate amount of manganese sulfate solution can make a variety of cash crops grow well and increase production.

Estimation effect of manganese sulfate mixed species: using manganese sulfate solution mixed seed can improve the weight of thousands of grains, increase production 10%~15%.

Method of mixing: 0.2 kg before sowingManganese sulfateDissolve in 0.9 kg of water, then mix 50 kg of wheat seeds.

One of the important trace element fertilizers, which can be used as base fertilizer, soaking, mixing, fattening and spraying on the leaf surface to promote the growth of crops and increase the yield. In animal husbandry and feed industry, used as feed additive can make livestock and poultry develop well and have fatten effect. It is also a raw material for processing paint, ink drying agent; manganese acid solution; Synthetic fatty acids are used as catalysts; In addition, it can also be used for papermaking, ceramics, printing and dyeing, ore flotation, electrolytic manganese consumption raw materials and raw materials for the manufacture of other manganese salts. Also used in batteries, smelting catalysts, analytical reagents, mordant, additives, accessories and so on.

It is mainly found in the granular body of pituitary gland, liver pancreas and bone, and is the composition of various enzymes. Manganese is involved in the hematopoietic process in vivo, promoting the oxidation of intracellular fat, can avoid atherosclerosis. When manganese is lacking, it can cause slow growth, osteoporosis and motor disorders.