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What are the reasons for the problems of electrodeposited nickel plating

Electrodeposited NickelIt is mainly used as a protective decorative coating. With its anti-corrosion properties, it has been widely used in automobiles, bicycles, clocks, medical equipment, instrumentation and daily gold. In order to better understand it, Below is a description of what ifElectrodeposited NickelWhat are the reasons for the problem of the coating?

(1) Improper heat treatment process

During the machining process, the anti-rust grease, cutting fluid, machine oil, lubricating grease, grinding fluid, mold release agent, etc. adhered to the surface of the parts are mixed with dust and grinding dust to form thick dirt. If the above dirt is not removed before heat treatment, it will be hard to clean after quenching and sintering into stubborn solid oil scale, and it will be difficult to clean and clean after degreasing and rust removal, and bubbles will adhere to it during plating, which will cause the coating to form gas-retaining pinholes.

(2) Poor treatment before plating

The surface of the heat-treated workpiece will inevitably adhere to a layer of oil stains. When the dust falls on the surface and sticks together with the grease, it is difficult to clean after a long time, so that the surface of the workpiece will form inconspicuous small oil spots. During plating, the bubbles remain on it to form pinholes. In addition, when the mesh belt resistance furnace is used for quenching, the oil dirt on the surface of the workpiece is mixed with dust and other impurity particles, and sintered into a stubborn solid oil dirt. When the nitrate is tempered, the above oil dirt is again It forms a stubborn thermal polymer with nitro salts. It is difficult to completely remove the above dirt during electroplating. Hydrogen bubbles are easy to adhere to the dirt and are difficult to discharge, resulting in pinholes and pitting in the coating. The bubbles grow gradually, and the coating will burst automatically, resulting in peeling.