• Electrodeposition of Cobalt

    Electrodeposition of CobaltBrand: CASH (London Metal Exchange, Wuxi Stainless steel exchange designated settlement brand) Shape: Flake Implementation criteria: YS/T Contact Now

  • Cobalt chloride

    Cobalt chlorideImplementation criteria: GB/t 26525-2011 Packing: 25kg color plastic Textile Bag packaging Usage: Used in electronics, battery industry, Contact Now

  • Cobalt sulfate

    Cobalt sulfateImplementation criteria: GB/t 26523-2011 Packing: 25kg color plastic Textile Bag packaging Uses: Used in electronics, batteries, electropContact Now

  • Ultra-fine Cobalt carbonate

    Ultra-fine Cobalt carbonateUltrafine Cobalt carbonate (super fine Cobalt carbonate) Implementation criteria: HG/T4520-2013 Packaging: Lining plastic woven bag paContact Now