Electrodeposition of Cobalt

Electrodeposition of Cobalt

Product Details

Electrodeposition of Cobalt(Cobalt cathode)

Brand: CASH (London Metal Exchange, Wuxi Stainless steel exchange designated settlement brand)

Shape: Flake

Implementation criteria: YS/T 255-2009

Packing: 250kg barrel

Grade: Co9995

Use:Electrodeposition of CobaltCommonly used in the manufacture of X-ray tube cathode and some special products, the manufacture of alloys, thermal strength alloys, cemented carbide, welded alloys, as well as a variety of cobalt-containing alloy steel.

Cobalt is an important raw material for the manufacture of heat resistant alloy, corrosion-resistant alloys, magnetic alloys, cemented carbide, precision alloys and various cobalt-manganese compounds. Widely used in aerospace, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical and ceramic industries, therefore, cobalt is an important strategic metal.