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    Satisfy society, satisfy customers, and satisfy employees.


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    Adhering to the honest service principle of "people-oriented, guests first", we do things in a meticulous manner.

    Yantai Kaishi Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in March 2002. It is an enterprise engaged in the development, production and comprehensive utilization of resources such as cobalt, nickel, copper, lithium and other new energy material products. The company has a registered capital of 185 million yuan and total assets of 591 million yuan. It covers an area of ​​104 acres. Kaishi New Energy Group currently has more than 490 employees, including 71 professional and technical personnel, accounting for approximately 14.48% of the total number of employees. After the company was established, the product structure consisted of crude cobalt carbonate, refined cobalt carbonate, and cobalt sulfate. , cobalt chloride, electrolytic copper, nickel sulfate, and lithium phosphate are the main products. In 2005, the company decided to carry out large-scale technological transformation and innovation on the original product production line, and develop world-leading electrolytic cobalt and electrolytic cobalt. Nickel and other patented products. The "Electrodeposited Cobalt Production with Non-Hydrochloric Acid Electrolyte" process independently developed by Kaishi Industrial Company has obtained an invention patent. CASH brand electrocobalt is the only product in the domestic industry with independent intellectual property rights. After 20 years of accumulation, it has Become a well-known enterprise in the new energy industry.

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    • Corporate purposes

      Satisfy society, satisfy customers, and satisfy employees.

    • Entrepreneurial spirit

      We should work hard to produce, we should manage carefully, we should keep improving and innovate, and we should unite sincerely to develop our business.

    • core value

      The market is the ocean of an enterprise, products are the ark of the enterprise, management is the helmsman of the enterprise, and employees are the driving force of the enterprise.

    • Business philosophy

      The way to win is to make both suppliers and sellers profitable and satisfied, achieving a win-win situation and developing in a win-win situation.

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    Yantai Kaishi Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Kaishi's strategy is to build a global new energy industry ecosystem such as new energy power batteries, 3C batteries and energy storage batteries, and to provide new materials with good magnetothermal properties for high-tech fields such as electronic chips, rocket engines, and missile components.

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