Nickel sulfate

Nickel sulfate

Product Details

Implementation criteria: GB/t 26524-2011

Packing: 25kg color plastic Textile Bag packaging

Usage: Used in ternary lithium battery, ni-MH battery, electroplating industry.


Nickel sulfate has anhydrous, six water and seven water three forms, most of the goods are six water form. The product classification includes electroplating grade and battery level two categories. In the electroplating industry is electroplating nickel and chemical nickel of the main nickel salt, but also the source of metal nickel ions, can be in the electroplating process, dissociation nickel ions and sulfate ions, widely used in machinery, instruments, instrumentation, medical equipment, household appliances and other manufacturing industries.Battery Grade nickel sulfateMainly used in the production of ternary battery precursor.