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Application of nickel chloride in organic synthesis and packaging storage and transportation
- 2018-12-18-

Nickel chloridePackaging Storage and Transportation

Packaging storage and transportation with lined polyethylene plastic bags sealed plastic woven bag packaging, each bag net weight of 50kg. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry storeroom. In the transport process to prevent rain and sun. When loading and unloading, take it lightly to prevent the packing from breakage. In the event of fire, water, sand and a variety of fire extinguishers can be used to save.


Nickel chlorideUse

Ammonia absorption agent. Tissue culture Agent. Manufacture of implicit ink. The solution can be used for electroplating.

Nickel chlorideStores

Sealed in a cool, dry and preserved.

Structure & amp; properties

NICL2 uses a CDCL2-type structure. In this structure, each NI is assigned with six CL, and each CL is assigned to a coordination key with 3 NI. In NiCl2, the NI-CL key has ionic bonds characteristics. The yellow NiBr2 and the black NiI2 also use a similar structure, but because the halogen atoms are filled in different ways, the two nickel halides use a CdI2-type structure.

In contrast, NICL2·6H2O contains anti--[nicl2 (H2O) 4] units and water molecules. [NiCl2 (H2O) 4] is connected with a weak force with the adjacent water sub. It is important to note that of the 6 water molecules in the formula, only 4 are combined with nickel complexes, while the other two remaining water molecules become crystalline water. The six hydrated cobalt chloride (II) also has a similar structure.

Many nickel (II) compounds are paramagnetic because there are 2 pairs of electrons on each metal atom; however, these complexes are anti-magnetic when nickel forms a four-ligand ion with a planar square configuration.

Application of nickel chloride in organic synthesis

In organic synthesis, NiCl2 and its hydrates sometimes play an important role:

1, is a mild Louis acid, for example, to promote the specific selective isomerization of diallyl;

2, with the CRCL2 to promote aldehydes and iodine ethylene puppet combined with allyl alcohol;

3, when the use of LiAlH4 as a reducing agent, so that the reaction only selective reduction, such as the reduction of olefin into alkanes;

4, is the mother of nickel boron, and NaBH4 in situ reaction to get nickel boron. Nickel Boride is similar to Lenny nickel and can be used effectively as a catalyst for hydrogenation of unsaturated carbonyl compounds.

5, with zinc reaction to obtain fine nickel powder, used to restore aldehyde, olefin and nitrobenzene and other compounds. This nickel powder can also be Uvouze with a reaction;

6. Catalyst for the reaction of iodine benzene and phosphate ester to produce aromatic dimethyl phosphine: ArI + P (OEt) 3→arp (O) (OEt) 2 + EtI.