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What is the reason for the ban on the export of Congolese cobalt concentrate?
- 2018-12-18-

Recently, Congo (King) stoppedCobalt ConcentrateExport rumors sprang up and the market was at a loss. With cobalt prices continued to soar. The market is becoming more worried. After all, what is the export policy of the Congolese (gold) cobalt concentrate? What is the driving force of the surge in cobalt prices?

Congo is the world's leading country for the supply of cobalt raw materials, with reserves and production accounting for about half of the world. Congolese cobalt products are mainly raw materials such as cobalt ore, with very little cobalt and are mostly used for export. China's cobalt raw materials are mainly imported from the Congo. Previously, the political situation in the Congo, which had affected the consumption of Congolese cobalt ore, had a marked decline in the amount of cobalt raw materials imported from the Congo. At this time, the Democratic reserve to stop cobalt concentrate export policy rumors rise, so that the market is quite flustered.

 Cobalt ConcentrateThe export ban is beginning and end. The ban on the export of Congolese cobalt concentrate began at 2013. However, due to the lack of domestic elimination, such as electricity problems, the ban is constantly being extended. Every year, the Ministry of Mines of the Democratic Department of the Congo and the Ministry of Finance issue a new decree extending the export of concentrate to the following December 31. December 30, 2016, the Ministry of Mines and the Ministry of Finance have issued a decree, the resolution to extend the concentrate export again, the detailed deadline is uncertain. However, in the first week of 2017, the time lag in the service of the decree showed the suspension of the export procedures for concentrates by individual provincial mining bureaux (such as Upper Katanga province). It is understood that the current cobalt concentrate ban is becoming more and more flat, export procedures are returning to normal, but potential policy disturbances may still exist, which is also the local enterprises continue to talk about more than a lot, such as progressive concentrate export tax or the implementation of export quota system and other policy risks.

The financial elements of cobalt City are strengthened, domestic and foreign investment funds are intervening in cobalt city, and with regard to the cobalt market with smaller capacity, the intervention of investment funds is becoming an important factor driving the upward of cobalt prices overseas. In addition, cobalt price rise expectations constitute, is through the downstream progress of inventory, locking raw materials, upstream reluctant and other ways of self-reinforcement.

(a) Local policy and political risks in the Democratic Council, or will not be prevented: impact on cobalt output, accompanied by the release of cobalt demand for global power batteries, cobalt supply and demand transit point has reached more than 3000 tons of cobalt in--2017 years, cobalt prices tend to rise, and the strengthening of financial factors may accelerate and reinforce this trend, If the Congo presents political and policy changes or the accelerated involvement of social funds, the failure to eliminate cobalt prices is likely to explode. Continue to advocate attention to Huayu cobalt industry, Luoyang molybdenum industry, Grammy and China color shares.