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Zhifu District, Yantai City held a symposium for key foreign trade enterprises in the region

On the morning of April 16, Zhifu District held a symposium for key foreign trade enterprises in the district to learn about the current production and operation status of foreign trade enterprises in the district, the existing difficulties, and to mobilize the whole district to further increase their efforts to help enterprises, strengthen confidence, and take the initiative to respond. The government and enterprises are united to overcome the difficulties and promote the stable and healthy development of foreign trade in the whole district. Yang Shengyan, secretary of the district party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. District leaders Cao Donghui, Xu Aihua, the main responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the district, relevant banks, and key foreign trade enterprises attended the meeting. Meeting.

At the symposium, the heads of various enterprises and banks made speeches one after another. Everyone opened their hearts and spoke freely. They conducted discussions and exchanges on the business operation of enterprises, import and export agency, financing and credit granting, etc., analyzed the problems and difficulties they faced, and put forward targeted suggestions. Suggestions. Yang Shengyan listened carefully to the speech, asked for specific details from time to time, and communicated with everyone in depth.

Yang Shengyan pointed out that due to the impact of the epidemic at home and abroad, foreign trade enterprises in the region have been greatly impacted, and the foreign trade work in the region is facing greater pressure. Overcoming difficulties and stabilizing the fundamentals of foreign trade. We must resolutely implement various preferential policies of superiors, conduct careful research, provide accurate services, and minimize the losses caused by the epidemic to enterprises. We must focus on helping solve financing and credit problems, and gather the joint efforts of all parties. , actively build a bridge between banks and enterprises, and formulate credit support measures for one enterprise and one policy to ensure early results. It is necessary to innovate ideas and methods, guide enterprises to actively and steadily explore diversified financing channels, and solve enterprise development problems more efficiently.


Yang Shengyan emphasized that it is necessary to be more proactive in helping enterprises solve practical problems, accurately meet the needs of key foreign trade enterprises, and provide comprehensive services to help enterprises stabilize import and export orders and scale. It is necessary to increase support for enterprises to open up markets and support foreign trade enterprises. To stabilize and expand domestically, coordinate domestic and foreign trade linkages, assist enterprises to make good use of various foreign economic and trade support funds, and help enterprises develop steadily and healthily. We must focus on strengthening the awareness of being pro-business, loving businessmen and wealthy businessmen, improving service style, improving service efficiency, optimizing the government and business environment, and unswervingly standing with entrepreneurs to help enterprises overcome difficulties together.Yantai Kaishi Industry Co., Ltd.Chairman Wang Xuegui was invited to attend and speak.