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Interfering elements of electroless nickel plating process

About electroless platingnickelIn order to better understand and apply it, the author will introduce the factors that affect the electroless nickel plating process for you. Interested partners can read the following article content:


1. Temperature, increase the temperature of the plating solution, the nickel plating rate will be accelerated, but the reliability of the plating solution will decrease and the service life will be shortened. At the same time, the volatilization rate of ammonia is accelerated, the irritation to use is enhanced, the pH value in the plating solution drops rapidly, and the demand for Adjust often.

2. Concentration, when the pH value of the alkaline nickel plating solution is relatively stable, the electroless nickel plating speed has nothing to do with the concentration of nickel ions, but mainly depends on the concentration of hypophosphite. When increasing, the nickel plating rate also increases exponentially.

3. The pH value and the nickel plating rate increase with the increase of the pH value, but the pH should not be too high, otherwise the reliability of the plating solution will be reduced.

4. The load is similar to that of electroless copper plating. If the load is too large, the nickel plating rate decreases rapidly. If the load is too low, the nickel plating rate is too fast, and the reliability of the nickel plating solution decreases.