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Introduction to the main uses of cobalt

1. Cobalt is mainly used to make alloy materials. Cobalt-containing tool steel has better machinability and wear resistance.

2. The commonly used alloy materials in aerospace technology are nickel-based superalloys, and cobalt-cobalt alloys can, but the "strength mechanisms" of the two alloy materials are different. When the temperature exceeds 1038 degrees Celsius, the advantages of cobalt-based alloys become obvious. Cobalt-cobalt alloys can make high-efficiency high-temperature engines. The construction material used for aerospace turbocharging is cobalt-cobalt alloys with 20% to 27% chromium, which allows the material to achieve high oxidation resistance without maintenance plating. .


3. Cobalt metal materials are also widely used in electroplating process, laminated glass, coloring, pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries.

4. Lithium cobalt oxide made of lithium carbonate and cobalt oxide is a common negative electrode material used in modern high-energy batteries.

5. Cobalt can be used to make a kind of cobalt shell, which will become serious radioactive dust after blasting.

Uses of cobalt:

Cobalt oxides are decolorizers and colorants for ceramic products. Cobalt-containing glazes can make enamel and steel stronger fusion. Cobalt organic compounds are used as driers in paints. Cobalt is an essential element in the human body. , exists in the form of positive ions. Cobalt is one of the active ingredients of vitamin B12, which is related to hematopoietic function. The daily intake of cobalt in the normal human body is about 5-45mg. When the intake is too high, it will cause pneumonia , causing heart damage, thyroid damage and polycythemia embolism. Cobalt-60 rays have a certain effect on the treatment of cancer in the human body.