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The importance of nickel in electric vehicles

The use of nickel in electric vehicles could accelerate:

Many professionals predict that in the future, electric vehicles will outsell internal combustion engine vehicles and replace 8 million barrels of gasoline per day. Nickel-containing lithium-ion batteries are used in millions of cars, trucks and buses. According to industry analysts At this stage, battery nickel accounts for about 3 percent of the world's nickel supply, and this proportion is expected to rise rapidly, he said.

Nickel as a new ingredient, many car manufacturers currently use nickel-manganese-cobalt batteries that use 33 percent nickel, 33 percent cobalt, and 33 percent manganese (called 1:1:1), while other manufacturers have A 6:2:2 formulation was applied (60% nickel, 20% manganese and 20% cobalt). The composition of the NMC has been further adjusted to design an 8:1:1 cathode with 80% nickel applied , 10 percent manganese and 10 percent cobalt. Two Korean manufacturers, including LG Chem, have announced plans to bring this new formulation to market in 2018. Other companies, such as Tesla, are also expected to increase production of nickel.

Although there is no non-nickel lithium ion formulation at this stage, no one has developed a technology that can match the relative density (power to weight ratio) of nickel and is sufficiently cost-effective. Therefore, nickel will be in the The mass adoption of electric vehicles around the world is playing an increasingly important role to save the planet. Electric vehicles are expected to be cheaper than internal combustion engine vehicles within five years, and transactions are expected to soar into the tens of millions. It is estimated that by 2035, the number of electric vehicles will reach 350 million.


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