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What is the difference between electroplating grade and battery grade nickel sulfate?
- 2018-12-19-

When it comes to nickel sulfate, two main markets cannot be avoided: the electroplating market and the battery market. Correspondingly, the main division of two nickel sulfate is produced: electroplating grade nickel sulfate andBattery Grade nickel sulfate。 The following author takes the individual to the electroplating grade and theBattery Grade nickel sulfateLimitations of the understanding, do analysis and sharing.

One or two quality requests are different

1, electroplating grade nickel sulfate on cobalt CO elements have a request, ordinary request low cobalt 0.05% or lower the better, here cobalt is a harmful element; battery grade nickel sulfate is generally not a hard request for cobalt Co, because Cobalt is one of the main elements in lithium cobalt manganese acid battery.

2,Battery Grade nickel sulfateAt present, there is a request for magnetic foreign bodies such as Fe.Zn.Cr, electroplating grade nickel sulfate has no request for this.

3, electroplating grade nickel sulfate on the indicators have no clear data request, in order to meet the detailed application can be. (not the request is not high, but there is no detailed data level request) but the use of Jinchuan, Gene, Kinko production electroplating grade nickel sulfate mainly. On the other hand, the battery data manufacturer has a clear index request for the battery grade nickel sulfate. Nickel sulfate, which meets the request for the indicator, can be used at all.

Second, the two sales methods are different

Electroplating plant is often small in scope, a large number (some heard that China has 15,000 electroplating plants), nickel sulfate demand is not very high. Based on on-demand procurement. Therefore, nickel sulfate consumers do not have enough spirit to cope with the electroplating plant 0 single procurement. Therefore, electroplating grade nickel sulfate market has a distributor or agent this important role of the existence. Electroplating Nickel sulfate consumer docking dealers or agents (of course, there are large electroplating plants), and then by dealers or agents in the country's major regions or distribution or agent sales to decentralized electroplating plants. Under the battery-grade nickel sulfate market, the demand for nickel sulfate in the major battery data factories is large and relatively concentrated. By the consumer of nickel sulfate directly docking nickel sulfate demand users, no middlemen exist.

Third, the author's personal understanding of the electroplating process is complex, each home has its own electroplating formula process.

Matching the properties of electroplating nickel sulfate, the electroplating process and working line belonging to me have been formulated, and the electroplating nickel sulfate supplier will not be adjusted casually. The reasons are as follows: electroplating plant to nickel sulfate suppliers comprehensive stability request is very high, request consumption stability, supply quantity is stable, quality is stable. Electroplating plant reform process and conversion line cost is too high, the impact is too large, may also have an impact on the product. Based on the above situation, the request for electroplating nickel sulfate supply must be stable, quality must be stable, reputation reputation to be excellent, performance can be strong, can sign the supply of long association, after this brush selected qualified electroplating nickel sulfate suppliers, has been known. However, the battery-grade nickel sulfate market, although the quality of the clear and more stringent requests, but also due to the understanding of the request, the number of demand is ambitious. So that each nickel sulfate supplier according to the index request consumption, can reach the supply cooperation intention at all.