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What are the main uses of battery-grade lithium carbonate?

Lithium carbonate, an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of LI2CO3, is a colorless single oblique crystalline crystal or white powder. Density 2.11g/cm3. Melting Point 618 ℃ (1.013*10^5Pa). Soluble in dilute acids. Lithium carbonate manufacturers point out that slightly soluble in water, in cold water solubility is larger than hot water. Insoluble in alcohol and acetone. Can be used in the production of ceramics, drugs, catalysts and so on. Commonly used lithium-ion battery raw materials.

Because the main raw material for the production of lithium carbonate is Salt Lake brine (ore method because of the high cost in the global production capacity is very small), so large-scale production of lithium carbonate enterprises must have a rich reserves of lithium resources of Salt Lake Resources, which makes the industry has a high resource barriers, on the other hand , and the purification and separation from high magnesium and low lithium old halogenBattery Grade Lithium carbonateProcess technology is very difficult, before these technologies are only in the hands of a small number of foreign companies, which makes the lithium carbonate industry has a technical barrier. As a result, the global oligopolistic pattern of the lithium carbonate industry has been created.

Battery Grade Lithium carbonateThe main uses:

1. Raw materials for the production of lithium:

In the field of high-energy lithium battery manufacturing.Battery Grade Lithium carbonateMore than energy is 3 times times that of NiMH batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, and twice times that of lead-acid batteries.

Application in alloy manufacturing: Magnesium Lithium aluminum alloy is the lightest metal structure material in magnesium alloy studied so far, and will have a wider application prospect in the fields of aerospace and communication.

2. Used in metallurgical industry:

Lithium is a light metal, firmly combined with oxygen atoms, industrial copper, nickel process as a deoxidizer; lithium can be used as a cleaning agent for sulfur; lithium can form alloys with a variety of metals.

3. Applications in the field of medicine:

Lithium tartrate has a good effect on chronic rheumatism and acute arthritis, on crazy modeling Psychosis, hyperthyroidism, chronic ulcerative colitis, American Neil's disease, lithium acetate diuretic treatment.

4. Application of Lubricating Oil:

Industrial Lithium Carbonate Lithium base grease has good water resistance and good lubrication performance at high and low temperature

5. Application of Ceramics:

In the glass industry it is used as a special glass with high toughness for ductile ceramics, ceramic coatings for metal protection and heat-resistant ceramic coatings when it is used as a flux!