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Technical characteristics and function of non-electrolytic nickel plating
- 2018-12-19-

Electroless PlatingNickelor no electrolytic plating.Nickelis a new type of metal exterior disposal technology which is strongly advocated and implemented by the major industrial countries in the world today, and it has many advantages over traditional electroplating. below for you to introduce the technical characteristics and functions of non-electrolytic nickel plating.

1, low resistance, good solderability.

2, strong corrosion resistance: the process after disposal of the metal appearance of amorphous coating, corrosion resistance is particularly excellent, through sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, brine year-on-year experiments, its corrosion rate is lower than 1cr18ni9ti stainless steel.

3, Imitation good: in the sharp angle or edge protruding local, not a significant thickening, that is, there is a good imitation, after plating does not need to grind processing, stacking layer thickness and composition average.

4, good abrasion resistance: because of the catalytic disposal of the appearance of amorphous state, that is, in the fundamental plane state, there is self-smoothness. Therefore, the friction coefficient is small, the non-adhesion is good, the wear resistance is high, in the smooth condition, can replace the hard chromium application.

5, High gloss: catalytic plating parts appearance gloss for LZ or ▽8-10 can be comparable with stainless steel products, showing white stainless steel color. After coating the workpiece, the appearance brightness is not affected, no need to be reprocessed and polished.

6, the separation strength is large: this technology after the treatment of the alloy layer and metal substrate separation strength increases, ordinary in the 350-400mpa conditions do not skin, do not drop, no bubbles, and aluminum separation strength can reach 102-241mpa.

7, the process technology high compliance strong: In the blind hole, deep hole, pipe fittings, corners, gaps inside and outside the table can get the average coating, so no matter how complex your product construction, this technology can be handy to dispose of, there is no leakage plating.

8, appearance hardness is high: after the disposal of this technology, metal appearance hardness can be improved more than one times, in steel and copper appearance can reach Hv570. After heat disposal, the hardness of the coating up to Hv1000, the normal life of the mold after coating more than 3 times times.

Electroless PlatingNickelAlso known as non-electrolytic plating, can be called self-catalytic electroplating. The detailed process refers to the process by which the metal ions in the aqueous solution are restored by the recovery agent under certain conditions and precipitated into the appearance of the solid matrix.