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Application, Packaging, Storage and Transportation of Nickel Chloride in Organic Chemistry

Nickel chloride packaging, storage and transportation

Packaging and storage Packed in plastic woven bags lined with polyethylene plastic bags, each bag has a net weight of 50kg. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse. It should be protected from rain and sunlight during transportation. Put it away to prevent damage to the package. When there is a fire, it can be put out with water, sand and various fire extinguishers.

Application of Nickel Chloride in Organic Chemistry

In organic chemistry, NiCl2 and its hydrates sometimes have important functions:

1, is a mild Lewis acid, for example, to promote the specific selective isomerization of 2 enols;

2. It can be used together with CrCl2 to promote the coupling of aldehydes and vinyl iodide to synthesize allyl alcohol;

3. When using LiAlH4 as a reducing agent, the reaction is only selectively selectable, such as reducing alkenes to alkanes;

4. It is the precursor of nickel boride and reacts with NaBH4 in situ to obtain nickel boride. Nickel boride is similar to Raney nickel and can be reasonably used as a catalyst for hydrogenation of unsaturated carbonyl compounds;

5. It can be reacted with zinc to obtain fine nickel powder, which can be used to selectively select compounds such as aldehydes, olefins and nitrobenzene. This kind of nickel powder can also be used for Wuzi reaction;

6, as a catalyst for the reaction of iodobenzene and phosphite to form aryl 2-alkylphosphonates: ArI plus P(OEt)3→ArP(O)(OEt)2 plus EtI.