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Placement of chemical nickel production line

Today, I would like to introduce the placement of chemical nickel production lines. The placement of chemical nickel production lines should be based on convenient control.

The production equipment should be placed in the order of the established processing technology. The deionized water bucket and the replenishing solution should be close to the plating tank. The plating tank should be spaced from the left and right front and post-processing process areas. The finished product accumulation area should be stored as far as possible. A room to prevent alkali mist from eroding product workpieces.

All power plugs should be covered with plastic sleeves, and do not need to be placed on the road to prevent frequent footsteps, squeezing and cracking of the coat and electricity. The exhaust system equipment should be at a relative height of 2 meters away from the road. Exhaust system equipment should be installed around the pickling equipment and the scalding tank.

Pure water equipment, air compressors and some auxiliary machinery and equipment should be placed in the room next to the production line as much as possible. Nowadays, most chemical nickel saturated solutions are all glacial acetic acid buffer mechanism, and the complexing agent is almost phosphoric acid-citric acid mechanism. Therefore, The acid gas is very heavy and will erode the machinery and equipment. If there is a driver in the production line, you must pay attention to painting protective architectural coatings. Estimate the internal capacity of the production workshop, and allocate the exhaust system equipment of the production workshop. Production The processing laboratory should be at a good distance from each production line as much as possible.