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Talking about the difference between electrolytic nickel and electrolytic nickel

1. Production process

The anode in the process of electrolytic nickel production is soluble, and this anode is the solution target under this technology, often high nickel matte, rough nickel and other nickel raw materials are used as the anode. After this stage, the impurities in the anode raw material are removed, and purer electrolytic nickel is obtained at the cathode.

In the process of electrowinning nickel production, the anode cannot be melted when electrified and electrolyzed, and the target solved by this technology has already been dissolved in the electrolyte. Accumulation in the cathode, i.e. nickel accumulation from the electrolytic solution to the cathode.


2. Available raw materials

In the production process of electrolytic nickel, before entering the electrolysis stage, the nickel raw materials have already been resolved by fire, resulting in high nickel matte, nickel sulfide and other raw materials with high nickel content, which can be used as anodes for electrolysis.

In the process of nickel electrowinning, before entering the electrowinning stage, nickel raw materials have already been melted into the electrolyte by wet method, and nickel raw materials are often non-sulfide nickel raw materials that are easier to dissolve in acid, such as nickel hydroxide, nickel carbonate, etc. .If the nickel raw material is sulfide, it needs to go through a high pressure reactor and pressurized acid leaching.