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Effect of ph value of electroless nickel plating additive on treatment process
- 2018-12-19-

Electroless nickel plating Additives in PlatingNickelPlays an important role in the process, and to understand some of its characteristics, grasp some of the added technology, so that its platingNickelQuality is helpful. The properties of Electroless nickel plating additives are many, today mainly said the effect of ph value of electroless nickel plating additives on the treatment process.

Hydrogen ions are one of the products of electroless nickel plating reaction. Electroless nickel plating is the process by which the concentration of hydrogen ions in the plating solution continues to rise, although the plating solution contains a large number of buffers, it is still necessary to continue to participate in the ph adjustment agent, that is, to participate in the alkali ability to maintain the ph value of the plating solution. Because the ph value has a serious effect on the electroless nickel plating process, the electroless platingNickelIn the course of operation, great attention should be paid to the control of ph value of plating solution.

Different electroless nickel plating solution has a different ph worth operating scale, such as acidic sodium phosphate plating solution ph value Operation scale is mostly between 4.2-5.0, low phosphorus electroless nickel plating solution near neutral, and two methyl boride as reducing agent of electroless nickel plating can be in neutral, acidic scale operation. Successful Products The Electroless nickel plating solution should be an optimized system that is developed and carefully accounted for by abundant research and development, all of which together indicate the operating scale and optimal value of its ph value.

Usually, the higher the ph, the faster the plating speed, the higher the ph, the lower the phosphorus content. Many people think that the outstanding function of electroless nickel plating liquid is a broad scale of operation. Indeed, different chemical plating fluids are not as sensitive to ph values. Compared with the operating parameters need to strictly restrain the plating solution, operators naturally welcome the selection can be in a very wide scale of ph value can form a quality qualified common coating plating solution. However, the effect of the plating solution on the function of the coating is so great that the ph control of the technologically advanced modern product plating solution is very narrow in size and is usually controlled within the ±0.2 scale of the optimal value.