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What is cobalt?
- 2018-12-19-

Cobalt[gǔ], elemental symbol Co, Snow White ferromagnetic metal, appearance white slightly pale pink, in the periodic table is located in the 4th cycle, the first Ⅷ family, atomic number 27, atomic weight 58.9332, dense row six square crystal, the common covalent price is + 2, +3.CobaltIt is a glossy steel gray metal, comparable to hard and brittle, iron magnetic, heated to 1150 ℃ when the magnetic fading. The combined price of cobalt is +2 and +3 prices. It does not work with water at room temperature and is stable in moist air. When heated to more than 300 ℃ in the air, oxidation generates a CoO, which is extinguished into Co3O4 in white heat. The fine metal cobalt powder made by hydrogen restoration method can self-ignite in air to produce cobalt oxide.CobaltIt is an important raw material for consumption of heat resistant alloy, cemented carbide, anticorrosive alloy, magnetic alloy and various cobalt salts.

Granularity: 1.5μm

SONGBI: 1.07g/cm3

Chemical composition: co≥99.59% c≤0.005% o≤0.36%

Powder characteristics: Gray black irregular powder, soluble in acid, magnetic, in moist air easy to oxidize. Shipped

Categories: Used as cemented carbide, diamond tools, high-temperature alloys, magnetic data and other metallurgical products, as well as rechargeable batteries, industrial blasting agents, rocket fuel and medicine and other chemical products.

Powder Color: Grey Black

Powder shape: Irregular

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