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Characteristics, properties and applications of nickel plating
- 2018-12-19-

Characteristics, properties and uses of nickel plating:

1, electroplating nickel layer in the air stability is very high, because the nickel metal has a strong passivation ability, in the appearance can quickly generate a very thin layer of passivation film, can resist the atmosphere, alkali and some acid corrosion.

2, nickel plating crystallization is extremely small, and has excellent polishing performance. The polished nickel coating can get a mirrored glossy surface while sticking to its luster in the atmosphere for a long time. Therefore, electroplating layer is often used for decoration.

3,NickelThe hardness of the coating is comparable to high, can improve the wear resistance of the appearance of the product, in the printing industry commonly used nickel plating layer to improve the hardness of the appearance of lead. Due to the high chemical stability of nickel metal, some chemical equipment is also commonly used in thicker town coatings to avoid corrosion by the media. Nickel plating layer is also widely used in functional aspects, such as the repair of worn, corroded parts, the use of brush plating technology to stop part of electroplating. The use of electroforming process, used to manufacture the printing industry electroforming plate, record mold and other molds. Thick nickel plating layer has good wear resistance, can be used as a wear-resistant coating. Especially in recent years, composite electroplating has been carried out, which can accumulate a composite nickel coating with wear-resistant particles, and its hardness and wear resistance are higher than that of nickel plating layer. If graphite or fluorine fossil ink as dispersion particles, the obtained nickel-graphite or nickel-fluorinated graphite composite coating has a good self-smoothness, can be used as a smooth coating. Black Nickel plating as an optical instrument coating or decorative coating layer is also widely used.

4, platingNickelThe application surface is very wide, can be used as protective decorative coating, in steel, zinc die castings, aluminum alloy and copper alloy appearance, maintenance matrix data is not corroded or bright decorative role, also often as the intermediate coating of other coatings, on which a thin layer of chromium plating, or plating a layer of imitation gold layer, its corrosion resistance is better, the appearance is more beautiful In terms of functional applications, nickel plating is about 1~3mm thick on parts in special industries, which can reach the purpose of repair. Especially in the continuous casting mould, electronic components appearance of the mold, alloy die-casting mold, complex form of aerospace initiator components and the manufacture of miniature electronic components and other applications are becoming more and more common.

5, in electroplating, because nickel plating has a lot of excellent performance, its processing capacity is second only to electroplating zinc and the next place, its consumption is accounted forNickelAbout 10% of total production.