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Kai ' An industry explains the operation precautions of non-electrolytic nickel plating
- 2018-12-19-

No matter what products are operated, there are certain matters of attention, no electrolytic nickel plating is no exception, today YantaiKai-ShidaIndustry for you to introduce the operation of non-electrolytic nickel plating to pay attention to matters, want to understand the friends to follow Yantai togetherKai-ShidaIntroduction to industry take a look at the following article.

1, no electrolytic nickel plating process should pay attention to closed operation, enhance ventilation. Operators must undergo specially trained, strict adherence to operating procedures. The initiative has no electrolytic nickel plating process operators wearing self-priming filter dust masks, wearing chemical safety protective glasses, wearing anti-virus soaked overalls, wearing rubber gloves. Be light and unloaded during handling to avoid damage to packaging and containers. Equipment leaks emergency disposal equipment. Empty containers may be residual to harmful objects. Store in a cool, ventilated storeroom. Stay away from fire, heat source. The storage area shall be provided with appropriate information to accommodate the leaks.

2, no electrolytic nickel plating process operation should pay attention to avoid inhalation. It is irritating to the respiratory tract after inhalation. can cause asthma and lung eosinophilic cell increase, can cause bronchitis. No electrolytic nickel plating process is irritating to the eye. Skin contact can cause dermatitis and eczema, often accompanied by violent itching, called "Nickel itching disease." A large amount of oral administration annoys nausea, vomiting and dizziness. It is harmful to the environment and can form pollution in the atmosphere.

3, after inhalation in time to leave the scene to the air novelty. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen, medical treatment. Eye, skin contact should be rinsed with water or saline, serious person quickly sent to the hospital for treatment and immediate medical attention.

The above is YantaiKai-ShidaIndustry on the introduction of non-electrolytic nickel plating, I hope to bring you some assistance. Farewell to follow the website, telephone consultation.