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Market trends Lithium carbonate prices continue to rise

According to the monitoring of market changes, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate can be said to have increased gratifyingly, and the market usage has increased significantly. With the nervousness and anxiety of primary supply, the price will change almost anytime and anywhere, and some companies often suspend prices because of price changes. From the perspective of the expansion rate of cathode materials in the second half of this year, the use of lithium salts has gradually increased, and the situation of high demand may continue to be maintained, which also has a positive news trend for the rapid development of the lithium salt market in the future. The rapid and rapid development of the energy vehicle industry has prompted the lithium resources sector to be favored by the market.

The price of domestic industrial-grade lithium hydroxide in the downstream continues to rise. Because the price of spodumene is rising and the cost is under pressure, some smelters are still in the maintenance period, the spot supply is tight and the anxiety situation continues, the demand side is performing better, and the market atmosphere is active, driving the price. Move up. In terms of lithium iron phosphate, the market is mainly running steadily, supply and demand are balanced, prices are trending steadily, downstream just needs to be purchased, the price changes are not large, and the negotiation atmosphere is flat.

The recent lithium carbonate commodity index was 242.55, up 4.08 points from yesterday, down 40.13 percentage points from the cycle high of 405.10 points (2018-01-07), and up 146.14 percentage points from the low of 98.54 points on October 16, 2014 .(Note: The cycle refers to 2021-09-01 to the present)

At this stage, the price of spodumene at the upstream raw material end of the battery-grade lithium carbonate market is high, and the downstream demand is rapid, which prompts lithium carbonate to show a trend of tight supply and anxiety. In addition, after the third quarter, the output of salt lakes in Qinghai will decrease accordingly, which will affect the price of lithium carbonate. It is more effective, and it is estimated that the price of lithium carbonate may continue to rise and fall in the short term.