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How to distinguish blister copper and cathode copper

\u003Ci>1.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>1.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>铜的电解法提纯:将粗铜(含铜99%)事先做成厚钢板制作而成阳极,纯铜做成薄片作阴极,以盐酸(H2SO4)和硫酸铜(CuSO4)的混和液制作而成电解液.插电后,铜从阳极溶解成铜离子(Cu)向阴极挪动,到达阴极后获得光电而在阴极进行析出纯铜(亦称阴极铜).粗铜中杂质如比铜生动的铁和锌到时候随铜一同溶解为正离子(Zn和Fe).因为这类正离子与铜离子对比不容易进行析出,因此电解法时只需适当调养相位差就可以避免这类正离子在阳极上进行析出.比铜不生动的杂质如金和银等堆积在电除尘器的底端.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>Electrolytic purification of copper: blister copper (containing 99% copper) is made into a thick steel plate in advance to make an anode, and pure copper is made into a thin sheet as a cathode, which is made of a mixture of hydrochloric acid (H2SO4) and copper sulfate (CuSO4) Electrolyte. After plugging in, copper dissolves from the anode into copper ions (Cu) and moves to the cathode. After reaching the cathode, photoelectricity is obtained and pure copper (also known as cathode copper) is precipitated at the cathode. Impurities in blister copper are iron, which is more active than copper. And zinc will dissolve into positive ions (Zn and Fe) together with copper. Because such positive ions are not easy to precipitate compared with copper ions, it is only necessary to properly adjust the phase difference in the electrolysis method to avoid such positive ions in the anode. Precipitation is carried out on the top. Impurities less vivid than copper, such as gold and silver, accumulate at the bottom of the electrostatic precipitator.\u003C\/b>

How to distinguish blister copper and cathode copper, so that the copper plates consumed are of high quality and can be used to manufacture electrical products.

The deposit deposited at the bottom of the electrostatic precipitator is called "anode slime", which contains gold and silver, which is very valuable. It has high economic value when it is removed and re-manufactured. The further production and processing can be made into ultra-fine of copper powder.

Copper powder is in the form of light rose red mesh structure powder, which is easy to be oxidized in air in humid air, and can dissolve hot hydrochloric acid or sodium cyanide. Uses: widely used in diamond tools, electric carbon products, friction materials, conductive inks and other powders Metallurgical products.

\u003Ci>2.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>2.\u003C\/b>\u003Ci>粗铜是在炼铜转炉吹炼后,铸形成型的铜,含铜约98.5%.其外表粗糙含气孔,从而而出名,又被称为"泡铜".这类粗铜再精练一回,筑成阳极铜板,在电除尘器中那样阴极铜,粗铜中带有的黄金白银在阳极下面沉积,称之为"阳极泥",用以提炼黄金白银.这类黄金白银是和铜共生的,一般铜矿锡矿带有黄金白银的.黄铜,紫铜哪家好排热在铜及合金里,纯铜的排热较好.一般而言,越纯的合金铜排热越好.合金铜紫铜,青铜,黄铜,紫铜的纯净度较高,它的排热效果较好.实践活动上,锡矿用铜的材料,关键还需要看它的外形,外表积,散热风扇的功能这些.材料反倒并不是重要的了.\u003C\/i> \u003Cb>Blister copper is cast-formed copper after being blown in a copper smelting converter, containing about 98.5% copper. Its surface is rough and contains pores, so it is famous and is also called "blister copper". This type of blister copper is refined again. , Build an anode copper plate, like cathode copper in an electrostatic precipitator, the gold and silver in the blister copper are deposited under the anode, which is called "anode slime" to extract gold and silver. This kind of gold and silver is symbiotic with copper In general, copper ore and tin ore have gold and silver. Which one is better for brass or red copper to remove heat. Among copper and alloys, pure copper has better heat removal. Generally speaking, the purer the alloy copper, the better the heat removal. Alloy copper red copper, bronze, brass, red copper have higher purity, and its heat removal effect is better. In practice, the key to the copper material used in tin mines depends on its shape, surface area, and the function of the cooling fan These. Materials are not important anymore.\u003C\/b>